About lish d' lish

Lish d’lish Jelly Bangles are made from stretchy silicone making them super comfy to wear. Their bright colours allow them to be the perfect accessory for any outfit. Wear one scent on its own or mix them up to create your own unique scent.

Lish d’lish Jelly Bangles were created by me, Rachel Mills.

I am a mum of two young girls who love to wear children’s perfumes, however they couldn’t due to skin allergies. My children enjoyed dressing up and wearing jewellery and so I decided to create a bangle for children aged 8-13, that not only looked good and was fun to wear but was also scented allowing children to wear perfume without having a reaction to it. They are so comfy you hardly know you are wearing them. This makes them ideal for wearing on either the wrist or ankle as they don't get caught on clothing. Their non-slip material makes them ideal as hair bands. My 6 year old wears them in her hair for school and they stay in all day!! Unlike any other hair band I have tried.


I believe these unique scented jelly bangles will revolutionise the childrens’ jewellery and accessory industry and my goal is to continue to expand the Lish d’lish product range introducing new scents, colours and  product designs.